Saturday, August 13, 2005

nite life of buddy don: dinner with them red mollys at st andrews

yesterdy after a nuther verr long day of wurk, i made my way over to st andrews, whar i had dun gut a resurvayshun fer dinner fer four at st andrews. twuz near 6:30, so i tuck a few pitchers of the place n went on in. turnt out i wuz the furstn thar, so i went back out n watched folks a'walkin by till i seen bonny red molly a'walkin with her husbin. caint tell how twuz that i reckanized her, but she seemd to know me jes as quick.

we went on in n jes found our seats when miz bd cum in, so we gut down to bizness: lookin over that sangle malt scotch menu. them red mollys warnt scotch drankers but that wuz brave bout tastin sum of the more challenin: lagavulin n talisker wuz the furstns they tasted, witch they lacked the talisker bes. me n miz bd orderd us sum -- dram of port ellen 1979 signatory fer me n dram of ardbeg uigedail fer miz bd, witch she wonted inverleven 1989 but turnt out they only had it on the menu. corse we shard a taste of each of em with red molly n her mister, but seem lack they preferd that talisker the mos. me n miz bd later gut us a cuple more drams -- a speshul bottlin of bowmore (1974?) n a speshul bottlin of caol ila (1991?) -- as ye kin see, the conversayshun wuz so good i gut a lil cunfused bout the scotch.

the evenin wuz verr speshul. as ye kin magine, we ate us sum good food n shared lots of conversayshun bout blogs n pallticks n ireland, witch thays eggspurts in ireland even ifn they aint irish, n wurk n ritin n kids n cumputers, witch turnt out mr red mollys one of them cumputer genius types that kin make mos innythang frum gigantick databases to red mollys verr cumputer. they bof luvs good musick n thay dun seen mos everbidy i wisht i had seen, even bela fleck.

twuz amazin that i could even git outta the door once we wuz dun on a counta how my head had swole up sumthin terrbull frum red molly sayin nice thangs bout life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. miz bd tole red she wuz thonly native english speaker outside of fambly that we wuz shore had dun red the hole thang. 'not only that,' miz bd sed, 'but you even asked him if he was going to write any more, and that got him going again.' quick as she sed that, red molly ast me when i wuz a'gone rite even more. lack i sed, my hed wuz swole up!

bof me n miz bd hopes them red mollys has em a good time up in here. they gut lots of plans on whut to do, speshly mr red molly on a counta hes a'gone be takin a class in oracle, witch i dun tole ye he wuz one of them cumputer genius types.

them red mollys wuz sum of the nicest folks ye could ever meet. thar a'cummin up on thar 28th anniversry, witch bof me n miz bd is in awe of that. but as they wuz a'walkin away along 44th street, ye could see they wuz made fer each uther.

fack is, same is true of me n miz bd, witch ifn i rite a nuff of them chapturs, ye will fine out why.

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