Wednesday, August 18, 2004

pinions of buddy don: whut a dream i had

i dreamt las nite i wuz in the futchur n thangs wuz strange as could be. thay wuznt no cars n hardly no people. i wuz part of a lil monastery of folks that wuz trine to keep knowledge alive. we wuz ritin a book bout the latest dark age, witch we called it the age of oil. burnin all them fossile fuels had jes kep on a spreddin till purty soon everbidy wuz a'doon it.

turnt out the earth couldnt really handle it. thay wuz strange weather: floods n earth quakes n volcanoes. purt soon, glaciers cum down frum the north n started pushin folks outta the cities. price of oil gut to whar nobidy could afford to use it fer much of nuthin.

lucky fer me n miz bd, we had tuck us a vacayshun to the smokey mountains down in our beloved tennessee. while we wuz a'hikin up in thar, a lil war gut a'goin. the middle east wuz still a open wound on the earths body n finely sumbidy deecided to solve the problem once n fer all with a nuclear weppon. once it gut a'goin, seem lack they must a been a'usin em all over the worl. twernt quite on the beach. but twuz a nuff to wipe out mos centers of populayshun. after that, couldnt nobidy keep the utilities a'runnin nor nuthin.

so thar we wuz, out in the wilderness with a few supplies. befor long, we run into a group of folk who had em a lil settlement n whenever they larnt we wuz educated, they ast us did we wonta join em n teach the children n try to rite up a histry of how the modern worl ended.

twuz a nitemare, but twernt all that differnt frum the nitemares i used to have back in the sixties when it seemd lack twuz jes a matter of time till the u.s. n u.s.s.r. fired off all them nuclear weppons they kep pointed at each other. back then, the enemy wuz a cuntry.

now tiz a bunch of folk we caint find n caint identify. thays loose nukes frum the former u.s.s.r. n thays loose material that wuznt guarded whenever we invaded iraq. lots of it wuz looted. who knows whar tiz now? back then, we had more importunt thangs to guard: iraqs oil facilities.

when i woke up, i felt a purr-verse moment of bof disappointment n relief. at lease in the dream, the dreaded, unthankabull thang had dun happend, the nitemare we been a'dreddin all our lives had dun finely cum true, endin the awe full suspense.

now that i'm awake, i hope we kin find us a better way.

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