Tuesday, August 10, 2004

pinions of buddy don: ifn wishes wuz wings

i wish ifn we have a enemy that attacks us, we wood go after that enemy with everthang we gut, not git side-tracked n spend all our money n resorces attackin sumbidy that dint have nuthin to do with it.

i wish when we eggzamine the bes way to go we wood member the lessons we larn frum ever sport season we ever seen: offence is importunt, but defense wins champeenships.

i wish when we wonta brang a organizayshun that attacks us (lack al qaeda) to surrender that we woodnt make a miss take that gives em new recruitin possibilities so that even ifn we captchur thar leaders, they woodnt be able to replace em with plenty more.

i wish all the homeland securty money wuz spread round based on the threats in sted of bein used lack a entitlement program fer rural states, witch we're spending $5.03 per person in californy (whar thays minny a target fer a terrist) n $37.94 per person in wyoming.

i wish everbidy in the cuntry that spends 50% more per capita than any other cuntry in the worl on health care could afford health insurants.

i wish the cuntry that spends more per capita on health insurants than inny othern in the worl ranked higher than 37th in health care n could beat out cuntries lack colombia, chile, saudi arabia n sinagpore.

i wish whenever the presdint goes round splainin how we iz turnin the corner on the economy it woodnt mean we wuz goin round in circles that dont seem to be gittin nowhar.

i wish i could quit keerin bout all this pall ticks so much n could jes git up n rite on my novel everday.

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