Wednesday, August 25, 2004

good times of buddy don: back to keens

i caint gut much time fer bloggin this mornin on a counta bein out late last nite. twuz time fer a lil payback, so to speak, so i tuck my irish friend, my boss n the omega man out fer scotch n dinner, ceptn fer the boss, witch he's a wine uh-fish-ye-nado luver. safe to say everbidy had em a real good time, speshly me. tiz a grate thang whenever yer payin sumbidy back but yer the one havin the best time of all.

bes thang we discuverd bout the evenin? eight wurds: caol ila 12 year unchillfiltered single malt scotch. ye mite wonta git ye sum ifn ye kin find it. me n my irish frien dun gut us sum bottles on thar way to park avenue liquor store, witch tiz thonly one mentioned in michael jackson's book, Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch. (taint the michael jackson ye mite be thankin bout.)

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