Friday, August 27, 2004

odd wurk of buddy don: wanderin out to the ole ball game

yesterdy afternoon we gut to go see the mets lose to the san diego padres by a score of 10-3, tho twernt that close. twuz the last celebrayshun of this year's po-leece athletic league baseball season n twuz lots of fun. i aint been as much of a baseball fan lately as i used to be. i dont lack the way the game has been ruint (imo) by such thangs as the designated hitter, innerleague play n the wild card. it used to be a game but now taint nuthin but a bizness.

so tiz nice to git out to the ballpark n git that ole good time feelin. aint nuthin lack the grate pastchur of a ball field to remind ye of lots of the good thangs bout bein alive.

tiz also nice to see yer grown colleagues frum wurk turn into screamin fans. here's a cuple pitchers.

furst, a cuple of our players makin plans fer thar futchur:

nex pitcher is of a ackshun we gut to see too much: them padres gittin em a nuther hit:

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