Saturday, August 21, 2004

pitchers of buddy don: story of a grate day in pitchers

twuz a beeyootiful mornin in man hattan:

i tuck the ferry over frum jersey, witch this is whut it looks lack when folks is gittin offn the ferry over in man hattan:

thays always plenty of folks everwhar:

ye kin see how everbidys a'totin n a'cartin n gittin reddy fer the day:

corse, ye gut yer securty everwhar ye turn:

after the long day at wurk, tiz nice to see this on yer horizon:

inside thay gut em lots of trayshurs, lack the lil bar . .

. . . n the large bar:

this heres my irish frien peruzin the sangle malt scotch menu:

this heres a lil closer view of that same menu, witch ifn ye click on it, ye kin see it bigger:

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