Friday, August 06, 2004

pinions of buddy don: plum tuckerd out by bcp, new bankin analusts, baseball n migrayshuns

thisn has been one of the longest n hardest weeks i bleeve i ever dun had durin my wurkin life. fer one thang, we had the new class of investment bankin analysts cum in to take thar seats follerin thar trainin. tiz one of the busiest weeks ever year n twooda been a nuff to keep us chasin our tails all week.

so happend that we had dun plannd a migrayshun to the lates vershun of offus, witch tiz calld offus 2003 n aint much differnt ceptn the one app that mos of our users use the mos, the mail progrum name of outlook. we git cumplaints lack folks claimin tiz a'drivin em crazy n make it look n wurk lack the old outlook thay had cum to luv after hatin it so fer not wurkin lack lotus notes, witch thatns the one we wuz a'usin befor we migrated to outlook.

finely thars the dual hedded fears razed by the upcummin rnc n sundys terr alurt. twixt the two of em n the migrayshun n the new class of finanshill analysts, we been hammerd hard at wurk. ye caint git away frum the place in under 11 hours n often as not, ye gut to stay late after that. fack is, i need to git up n go rite now sos i kin catch the 6:33 bus over to man hattan n git thar in time to deal with the latest fallout frum one or tuther of them thangs.

but the bcp stuff is the mos drainin n innerestin since ye gut to be reddy to have yer bankers keep on a wurkin even ifn sumbidy disabled the hole island of man hattan. tiz a big chore n fer sum reason, it all needs to be dun by august 29, witch they claim our bildin is a'gonna be a ghost town that week. dont matter much to me on a counta how folks lack me is a'gone half to be thar no matter whut.

big benefit to the economy of all this bcp stuff is how we are spendin money lack crazy to git reddy. yesterdy we wuz even out at a retail store -- too late to order thru the cheaper but slower sorces we generly use -- a'buyin up so much stuff lack routers n cables n universul power splies n cd burners n blank media n yew name it, we wuz a'gittin reddy to cart it home till we cunvinced the folks a'wurkin in that store that they orta deeliver on a counta how we wuz spendin at lease $5,000 on the one trip.

thang is, i gut a plan to wurk sum this weekend. i dont half to, but the idee of gittin in the offus without a millyun inneruptshuns sos i kin git sum of my reglar wurk dun seems almos lack a day off. miz bd dont see it thataway n i caint blame her. mayhap we'll take us a hike one of the two daze.

corse thays a nuther thang i almos fergut to mentchun. i dun volunteerd to hep out with the pal childrens baseball league n bleev't or not, i will be goin out to hep them kids play baseball. twill be a nice brake in the day, but lack as not, twill mean wurkin late to make up fer it.

thank them scots fer sangle malts! tiz the ree-ward at the end of these hard daze. we dun gut to collecktin differnt ones n keepin a few of em open sos we kin have tastins mos ever evenin. open at the moment is talisker 10, laphroaig 10 (whut a grate ineggspensive scotch!), oban 14, dalmore 12 (a nuther grate sprize at a grate price), the glenlivet 12, n bunnahabhain 12. so i mite be a'wurkin too hard, but the pay aint bad!

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