Thursday, August 05, 2004

pinions of buddy don: is our pundits larnin?

magine my sprize this mornin whenever i wuz readin the washington post n found a column by that pundit name of richard cohen bout a topick i discussed a few days ago. here's a cuple quotes frum that articull:
  • But on other matters, Bush has flipped and flopped with the best of them. As a presidential candidate, he declared himself implacably opposed to nation-building. Now we are engaged in building Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Bush also declared himself a determined unilateralist, kissing off treaties and understandings and even spurning NATO's help in Afghanistan. Now, though, the unilateralist of old is sending Colin Powell around the world, seeking alms and arms for Iraq. Flip-flop.
  • Bush would not negotiate with North Korea. He did. Flip-flop.
  • Bush told the United Nations to butt out of Iraq. Now he wants it in. Flip-flop.
pundit cohen goes thru sum of tuther flips n flops by mr bush: agin creatin a department of homeland securty, then fer it. agin the 9/11 commission, then fer it. again condi testifyin in frunt of congress. then fer it. agin testifyin his ownself. then fer it, so long as he could have mr cheney thar to hep im out n so long as they couldnt take notes nor record nuthin n so long as he woodnt half to take no oath promissin to tell the truth, hole truth n nuthin but.

meanwhile, mr bush lacks to talk bout kerry votin fer the war n agin a spendin bill that cum later (couldnt be part of the budget, as ye mite member, so it had to cum later as a supplementry spendin bill). corse ye caint git much of nuthin past bob somerby of the daily howler:

SMILE-A-WHILE—A TWOFER: Just for fun, here’s the opening paragraph of David Firestone’s 10/22/03 New York Times report. Firestone was discussing a Bush veto threat in the fight about that $87 billion:

FIRESTONE: The White House threatened Tuesday to veto its own spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan if Congress made reconstruction aid a loan, taking its most forceful stand on the issue even as more lawmakers supported a reimbursement by Iraq.

Say what? The White House threatened to veto its own spending bill? If the press corps wanted to be deeply stupid, they could say that Bush opposed funding the troops. And they could say something else—that he flip-flopped!

corse, aint no way no pundit wuz readin this here blog. i bet they gut the idee frum arianna huffington in a articull name of the real flip-flopper, witch she published hers on 7/15/2004.

or could folks jes be noticin it on thar own?

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