Tuesday, August 31, 2004

pinions of buddy don: securin the city

yesterdy wuz near dead at wurk on a counta how near all them bankers gut outta town fer the rnc. ye caint hardly blame em fer that. aint never seen the city thisaway: ye caint hardly walk fer all the po-leece n otherns dressd in army fatigues n carryin huge weppons. used to be ye could walk rite up to the buildin whar i wurk, but now they dun surrounded it with exter barriers of concrete, witch they gut sum heavy hunks of concrete n filled it with dirt n plants sos it mite look ok, but fack is, tiz a barrier n ye know tiz thar to keep sumbidy frum drivin a truck bomb into the buildin. sum streets dun been closed: ye couldnt hardly go east on 42nd street yesterdy mornin, witch ye dont hardly never see that.

bes news is how them protesters so far aint dun nun of the thangs we wuz warned they wuz a'gone do, lack gittin violent or closin down roads n bridges n tunnels. so far bout all they dun is march peaceful lack. tuck em four n a half hours to march past the garden day befor yesterdy. they wuz literly miles of folks marchin by, witch in sum papers they turnt into tens of thousands n in otherns twuz near half a million. twuz the mos folks ever cum out to protest at a cunventchun, so dont matter whut number ye put on it.

logick of them publicans wuz reveald by one of em cummin into the garden tuther day. local newsguy wuz thar to ast whuther she wuz a'scairt of bein in new york. no, she wuznt the lease bit scairt, but she wuz mad. why? on a counta how whenever they had that dimcrat cunventchun up in boston, them publicans dint protest atall. but she wuz mad at them dimcrats fer throwin such big protests agin bush. she wunderd how innybidy could vote fer a party that wood protest the cunventchun of tuther party.

ye mite could see her point. whar do them dimcrats git thar idees of freedum of speech or protest or assembly? reminds me of a lil survey they dun back in the sixties. they ast folks whut they thought bout sevrul of the amendments to the constitushun. thang wuz, over half the folks dint even recognize them amendments as amurkin. a good percent of em figgerd this stuff wuz frum the communist manifesto.

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