Monday, August 23, 2004

pinions of buddy don: bof sides now

one of the wurst habits our press has gut into is how they wonta show bof sides of inny issue. twood be a good idee ifn they chose equals n put em agin each other, but taint equals. wurst eggzample is them swift boat veterans who lie bout kerry's record n claim they stand fer truth. they cum out with a lil ad showin in three states, but the so-called librul media puts it on nayshunwide sos ye kin see it everwhar ye go. aint them apples sweet?

so ye gut a organizayshun that (1) had a member of the bush re-selectkshun campain till he wuz smoked out a'claimin (2) that the nashunull recurd fer the past 35 years is rong n (3) tiz up to the person bein accused of lyin by folks with no real evidents to proov he aint lyin even tho (4) the claims of this swift boat vetruns group undermine ever medal ever won in viet nam but (5) they attack kerry fer betrayin viet nam era vets. taint no questcuh of whuther he wuz thar. tiz a questchun of some folks that cums along 35 years later with lies, but the press acks lack thar lies is wurth repeatin over n over agin on a counta whut? that thays folks dumb a nuff to bleeve such drivel? i reckun that mus be it.

innywho, tiz all the fashun to argue bout this. to doot, the press lack to ack lack them swift boat vetruns is jes lack, witch ye wunder how that kin be since is near four years old n gut its fundin frum loads of small donayshuns frum minny thousands of common folks while the swift boat vetruns only cum about on a counta sum rich bush supporters give em financin sos they kin attack kerry, even ifn they have to lie n go agin thar own record to doot.

ifn we wuz really gittin bof sides now, we wood be seein a comparison of kerrys war recurd n bushs war recurd. one of em disappeard fer four munths n caint find nobidy nowhar to proov he wuz still reportin fer duty. tuthern wuz in viet name fer four munths a'winnin medals n has his crew standin beside im n sevrul otherns as well. so witch duz the press thank is the issue?

taint no wunder why voters gits cynickull bout votin. even the truth aint sacred no more. ifn twuz, all them rite wing christchun types woodnt let sumbidy lie, even ifn twuz in thar behalf. they woodnt wont the support of liars. but they dont say nuthin n that lets ye know everthang ye need to know bout em.

aint nobidy that remembers jesus a'sayin by thar fruits ye shall know them? aint nobidy remembers how good dont cum frum evil ackshuns? aint nobidy remembers how tiz the devil thats the author of the lie? how kin ye do good usin the devils tools?

tiz clear from 3 john 1:11 -- "Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God."

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