Tuesday, August 24, 2004

pinions of buddy don: one-bit thankin

i thank i dun sussed out how mr bushs brain wurks. everbidy has give the man hi praze on a counta how he dont do nuance. he purt much takes a stand on sumthin n then sticks with it no matter whut the evidents, lessn it cums frum pinion polls. then he takes the opposit stance n claims twuz his all along. he wuz agin the health care system proposed in texas, but when it passed without his signatchur, he bragged bout it lack twuz his own. we all know bout his other flip-flops: agin a homeland securty offus, then for it; agin the 9/11 commisshun, then for it; agin lettin condi testify, then for it; thays too minny to count, but ye git the idees.

twuz the same with the mccain-feingold bill, witch he opposed befor he wuz forced to sign it. now hes a'braggin bout it lack twuz his own idee. when they ast him wood he condemn the add by them swift boat liars, he couldnt doot. twooda been too nuanced a posisshun fer him to take. twooda meant havin to thank bout whuther ads that lie should be condemnd rite along with ads that dont lie.

las nite i had me a dream whar i wuz allowed to look inside the brain of mr bush. mayhap on a counta how i wurk with cumputers, the inside of his brain wuz lack a computer ceptn fer one thang: thay wuz only one-bit. thats rite, jes one-bit.

whenever i woke up frum that dream, twuz natcherul to thank twuz only a dream. shorely our presdent kin unnerstand moren jes eethur-or thankin, rite? shorely he dont thank ever nayshun is eethur for us or agin us? shorely he kin see thays at lease sum other possbilties? shorely he kin tell the bein for us the way britain is duz a hole lot more fer us than bein for us the way them saudis is. but ifn ye jes gut one-bit to thank with, thays only two possibull choices: fer/agin.

so whenever it cum to them swift boat liars n the ads they showed in three states but wuz able to trick the librul media into showin on the networks sos everbidy in the cuntry kin see it -- shorely he could tell the differnts twixt them that lies n them that dont? but no, he couldnt. eethur thays all ok or thay aint. they wuz useful in 2000 whenever they wuz leadin the charge on gittin thangs to go his way in florida, witch thatn went by the name of the Bush-Cheney 2000, Inc-Recount Fund, witch ye kin read bout it sum by follerin that lank to kevin drum's site. twuznt no problem havin em then. but the bit has dun flipped: now thar all bad.

magine ifn mr bush could git im jes one more bit: then he wood be able to see four possibilties in sted of jes the two. magin ifn he had a nuff bits sos he could evaluate evidents n change his own mind before karl rove switches the bit sos he kin start supportin the thangs he wuz jes agin? why ye mite git to whar ye had ye a president that could see bof good n evil in places lack pakistan n saudi arabia n france.

corse, ye caint hardly blame mr bush fer his one-bit thankin. that thar elecktoral collidge forces almos ever sangle state into a one-bit deecishun bout which presidentchul candidate gits all thar elecktoral votes.

n corse, thars the media with thar bof sides now habits, witch theys willin to reduce thar news makin computer to jes one-bit whar everthang aint no more cumplex than eethur-or.

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