Tuesday, August 10, 2004

pinions of buddy don: faith n hope vs fear n frustrayshun

i been trine to rite the nex chaptur of the novel this hole blog wuz created fer, witch thats the life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, but it seems lack everday i face the mountain of the nex chaptur n jes caint git myself to start climbin. tiz a hard thang to do on a counta how ye gut to git over yer fear of failure ifn ye wonta beat yer frustrayshun over not ritin, ye gut to have a combinayshun of faith n hope. the hard thang bout ritin is how the screen or paper is blank. ye gut to find sumthin to put on it. ifn ye keer a lot bout whut yer trine to rite, it kin git verr dauntin to whar ye git afraid ye caint rite that nex bit. tiz a hard feelin to git over. ifn ye hope to do better, ye gut to have faith. ifn ye hope to move forward, ye gut to git movin everday. sum tasks dont give ye no easy way to res on momentum. ye dont have momentum ifn ye gut to start anew everday. n thats jes whut ritin is all about: usin yer faith in yerself n yer hope to finish ritin sumthin good to git over yer fear of failure n frustrayshun at the passin days with nuthin writ.

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