Monday, August 02, 2004

pinions of buddy don: bcp is the new y2k

mayhap ye member all the eggcitement leedin up to the year 2000 on a counta the fears bout how programmers had give only two digits fer the year. wharever i wuz a'wurkin then, twuz one of the big thangs folks wuz spendin money on. we went thru a millyun spreadsheets n documents n applicayshuns makin shore that they wood still be good once we gut into the last year of the ole millineeyum, witch 2001 wuz the furst year of the the new millineeyum. turnt out that y2k wuznt much of a problem fer mos innybidy i ever seen or herd tell of.

now we spend all that ole y2k time on a new thang they gut, witch thisns calls bcp on a counta how that stands fer bizness contannuity plan. as ye mite coulda herd by now, they dun announced how thays sevrul terrists targets on wall street, witch everbidy has dun been assumin they wuz targets all along n they been puttin together thar bcps to take keer of it.

yesterdy me n miz bd gut calls or emails frum ever corner of the fambly globe. they wuz astin thangs lack:
  • are ye in one of them bildins they sed wuz bein targeted?
  • how far is buddy don frum the stock eggschange?
  • how far away is newark new jersey frum whar ye live?
  • have ye ever been to the citibank bildin?
  • do ye have to go to citibank to git yer money out?
  • duz buddy don half to go to wurk durin this crisis?
ye kin unnerstand how they mite be a lil wurried. my mama called n splaind how on faux news they dun claimed the alert level wuz on red, witch we been at orange in man hattan ever since the towers went down. i tole mama i dint thank twuz red. i figgerd they claimd to be razin it sos folks wood know they had discoverd plans n all. but they dint raze it to no red on a counta ifn we unnerstand the laws up in here, ifn tiz red, tiz agin the law to be outside atall. but they gut em all good n scairt, lease in my fambly, probly in mos.

but whut are we spozed to do with all that fear? way i see it, we gut to go to wurk n do our best to git all them deeliverbulls dun sos we kin keep up. as tiz, ye caint do my job fer under 55 hours in a week, so ye caint afford to stay out jes on a counta they mite blow up a bildin near ye. i figger ifn they are a fixin to blow one up, twont be on a day i could guess it, so i could stay out fer years a'waitin fer the attack that mite could never cum.

meanwhile, thay is a invashun cummin on this verr day over whar i wurk. taint sumthin we dint eggspeck on a counta tiz part of the yearly seasons on 'the street,' witch thats whut they call all the wall street firms whuther or not thar near wall street itself. innywho, the wall street seasons wurk thisaway:
  1. in may ye git a bunch of summer interns, witch thays folks who aint gut thar furst degree yet but who are a'figgern they wonta wurk in bankin.
  2. a lil later in may, we git the summer assoshuts, witch thays folks that have dun been a finanshul analyst (generly) n have gut tharself half way thru graduwait skool.
  3. then rite after july 4, ye git the incummin class of 2-year analysts, witch whar i wurk now ye caint offishully call em 2-year analysts on a counta it sounds lack they woodnt be thar no longer than 2 years, witch thats about how long 98% of em will be thar. they cum in fer a 2-year stint durin witch they kind larn whuther bankin is the life fer them n whuther they are in the futchur of the wall street firm whar they do thar analyst years. they git trained fer about 4-6 weeks.
  4. then they git thar seats, witch thats whuts a'happenin today.
  5. a week later, them summer interns go away.
  6. them other 2-year analysts git to go away, but they dont generly doot all in one day.
  7. then ye git the incummin class of full-time assoshuts, witch they git about 4 weeks of trainin n they take thar series 7 eggzam.
  8. the summer assoshuts go away.
  9. a lil after labor day, the las assoshuts take thar seats n gits to wurkin.
todays the day them analysts take thar seats. nex mundy, them interns goes away. tiz a lotta wurk fer my team, so i gut to be thar. corse, we generly have to be a'doin a migrayshun while all this other stuff is a'goin on, witch at the moment we're a'migratin to mikersoft offus 2003.

aint no time to git all wurried bout no terrists attackin. we gut incummin of our own to take keer of.

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