Saturday, June 11, 2005

obsesshuns of buddy don: home sangle malt scotch tastin

me n miz bd dun a lil tastin at home not long ago sos we could comparr two whiskys frum one of our favorutt distillries, laphroaig, witch we lack it so much we bought sum property to rent em: laphroaig 10 year agin laphroaig 15 year.

furst, thays yer laphroaig 10 year:

ye mite member hearin me carry on bout this here sangle malt scotch n thays a good reason fer that: tiz one of the best known n mos amazin tastes thay is in all tham sangle malt scotches ye gut. this is so unushunall to whar durin prohibishun, they wuz able to brang it into the cuntry by claimin twuz medicin n whenever folks gut em a snout full of that peat n iodine or even a mouthfull of that rich smoky flavor, mayhap they figgerd twuz medicin. innywho, they let it cum in.

ifn ye aint tride ye nun, i urge ye to git ye a bottle. here in the new york ciy metropolitan area, ye kin git ye a bottle fer $32.99 at either warehouse wines n spirits or astor place wines n spirits.

tuther week or munth we purchussed a bottle of laphroaig 15 year:

thisn dont cum so cheap. we gut it on sale at astor place fer $52.99 but we seen it higher minny a time. so we gut to wundern wuther the exter money wuz wurth it n thats why we had us that tastin.

furst, we cumparrd em side by side. as ye kin planely see, thay aint much differnts in how they looks. bofem has that rich amber color n when ye slosh em round in the glass, they gut em sum fine laigs on em. so next thang ye gutta do is sniff em n taste em.

i pored, so i knew witchn wuz witchn, but miz bd wuz drankin blind, so to speak, on a counta we wonted to git the truest response possibull. twuz innerestin how we cum to purty much the same conclushuns, even ifn i knew whut twuz we wuz a'drankin.

ye kin see whar this glass has sum ritin on it, witch i pored the laproaig 10 year in thatn n pored the 15 in a glass that looks eggzackly the same only it dont gut no ritin on it.

innywho, we found the nose of the 15 a lil liter than the 10. the 15 is cumplex whar the 10 is a thick blend of iodine n peat n smoke n mayhap seaweed or sumthin. the 15 is a lil easier to sniff but harder to pin down. thay aint near as much peat, witch tiz a hallmark of laphroaig to have em a rich peaty nose n taste.

as fer the tastin, we found the 15 to be a lot sweeter. the peat is more refined n ye dont notice it near as much. ye kin git more of them other tastes, witch i caint say whut they are but vanilla cums to mind with thisn jes a lil.

as fer the 10, tiz a classick taste, a dense eggsploshun of peat n iodine n seaweed. tiz such a grate taste, speshly ifn ye hold it in yer mouth fer a spell n open yer jaws with yer mouth shut n jes breeth in all them rich scents of the peaty amber spirit. thay aint much in the worl to cumpeat with it.

taint that thays innythang rong with the 15 year old. tiz a fine spirit n we woodnt never turn nun down, but when ye figger yer a'gone half to spend at lease $20 more fer a bottle, lots more in sum places, thay aint no reason to doot. yer 10 is bout as good as sangle malt scotches gits.

lessn ye dont lack peat!

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