Thursday, June 09, 2005

mizry of buddy don: nuther migraine

i dint wonta add mitt i wuz a'havin one on tuesdy mornin. i gut up at 3:45 am as usual n cummenced to cookin my daily erbs, witch i used the newest ones n not the classick erbs that so far kin stop a migraine near ever time.

but i knew i wuz feelin awful. dint have no energy to post much of nuthin on my blog, so i putt in sum pitchers i had tuck over the weekend. then whenever miz bd gut up, we gut to fussin n fitin over near nuthin, witch thats a nuther sine that ima gone be sick.

but i still dint wonta add mitt it. i wonted to thank i had dun gut over em n woodnt be havin a nuthern ever. so i gut out n onto the bus n kep my eyes clozed lack i wuz sleepin till we gut thar. fack wuz, i couldnt take the brite sun, witch i orta know better, but thays a point whar a bidy wonts to know ifn hes gut the willpower to stop such a thang.

i dont have that much willpower. i did git to wurk n tuck a cuple bites frum a sesame bagel with cream cheese n tuck a cuple gulps frum a cup of coffee, but purty soon i had to go to the mens room sos i could dry heave. on my way, i passed a feller that wurks on my team, witch the instunt he seen me he sed, 'you gonna be sick?'

so after dry-heavin i gut a nuther feller that wurks fer me to send a note out bout how i wuz a'gone home sick n i went home, tuck the suicide shot of zomig (seems lack suicide on a counta how yer disabled n lose a day after ye take it, but lease ye dont vomit no more) n slept mos of the day.

even tho miz bd ast me ever time i gut up ifn i wuz feelin inny better, i couldnt say i wuz feelin inny differnt. that aint a good sine on a counta when ima gone git better, i generly wake up at sum point in the day n know tiz all over. that dint happen till yesterdy evenin after i had tuck them classick erbs agin n then slept mos of the day.

as fer whut mite coulda triggerd this attack, bes thang i kin cum up with is a veggie burger i orderd frum a deli across the street frum whar i wurk. i hadnt never had one befor n twuznt no boca burger, witch i know they dont bother me. so mayhap they had em one with msg in it.

to be fair, that aint whut miz bd bleeves wuz the cause. she thanks its gut sumthin to do with the verr long hours i wuz wurkin leadin up to the attack, witch i wurked 15 hours on fridy, wuz on call all day on saturdy (with wurk to do) n wurked sundy, gut off, but had to go back to wurk later in the afternoon. mayhap thats it, mayhap tiz bof thangs, mayhap tiz a nuther thang we aint gut figgerd out yet.

i jes with twood stop a'happenin. i truly wish nobidy never had to read nuthin bout me havin no migraines ever agin. so far, that wish aint cum true, but im still a'hopin n prayin fer it.

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