Saturday, June 25, 2005

pitcher tuck by buddy don: nite sky n day moon

i know i dun cumplaind a lot bout blogger software n how frustratin it kin be, so tiz only fair to add mitt when they dun sumthin good, witch seems lack they dun a lotta good by improovin how ye upload images. ye kin pick whar twill go cumpard to yer text n ye kin choose fer it to show up small but then git big whenever sumbidy clicks on it. ye kin try it with inny of these pitchers, witch as ye kin see, i gut lots to larn. miz bd is larnin me bout pitcher-takin fast as she kin, witch shes a grate jurnlist who larnt pitcher-takin durin her long career ritin fer newspapers lack the la times.

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