Friday, June 17, 2005

mizry of buddy don: thangs ye kin read in sted

i been fitin a migraine since windsdy mornin. gut that tender patch on my head, growin lite show, ye kin name it, i gut it, all but the nausea. so i been wurkin n hope i kin today, witch miz bd alreddy dun tole me aint no way ima gone make it. mayhap i kin proov her rong.

innywho, i caint hardly type at the moment, much less rite sumthin new. so heres sum thangs ye mite wonta read in sted.
  • most dismissive n ugly thang writ bout congress at wurk. dana millbank hits a new low in a articull name of Democrats Play House To Rally Against the War. case ye dint catch it, rep conyers gut moren half a million signutchurs on a petishun to have a investigayshun of them downing street memos, witch the party in cuntrol wont allow nun of that.

  • looks lack it mite be time to take a harder look at whuts really a'gone on in iraq. heres a articull by hds greenway name of Facing facts in Iraq, witch sumbidy needs to splain to mr greenway bout how them facks is biased.

  • not that thars a'gone be no pall gies fer the awful thangs sed n dun durin the terry schiavo fiascko, but heres a articull by ej dionne jr name of Where's The Apology? Bending the Facts on Schiavo

  • corse, ye caint let nobidy git away with claimin that global warmins a problem. to 'fix' that problem (tiz kindly lack 'fixin' the intelligents round the deecishun to go to war), furst ye gut to git ye a good editor, witch ifn he dus ye a good job modifyin the facks to fit yer pall ticks, mayhap he kin git im a good job. ye kin read all bout it in a articull name of Ex-Bush Aide Who Edited Climate Reports to Join ExxonMobil.

  • corse, ye caint stop thar whenever yer addressin sumthin as importunt as global warmin, so ye gut to git sum editin a'gone on the agreement everbidy is speckted to make at the g8 meetin cummin up in scotland. lucky fer us, we gut sum folks on the job, witch ye kin read bout how good they dun in a articull name of U.S. Pressure Weakens G-8 Climate Plan; Global-Warming Science Assailed.

  • aint no wunder ye gut such good ratins frum the people whose bizness yer takin keer -- or is that the people yer givin the bizness to? ye kin read bout how good thats a'gone in this here articull name of Bush's Support on Major Issues Tumbles in Poll
i pray i dont have to git sicker befor i git well, witch i gut a chaptur thats beggin to git writ. have a grate weekend!

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