Friday, June 24, 2005

pitchers tuck by buddy don: shootin the moon

me n miz bd jes luvs our new camera on a counta how it kin take differnt lenses n all. tiz a sangle lens reflex camera, witch that means ye kin shoot pitchers bout as quick as ye lack, even usin a drive featchur. we gut a long way to go in gittin a good understandin of it, but its been fun so far. fer todays eggzample, heres the bes pitcher of the moon i ever gut so far in life, even tho taint as good as i wood lack.

we gut plans fer the weekend, witch i have to wurk sum on saturdy mornin (with grate playshure n without them astin me to on a counta how i wurk at a grate cumpny that has been verr good bout supportin me even tho i been sick. so givin em a saturdy aint nuthin much, but tiz bout all i gut. but twont be the hole day, witch miz bd plans to join me round lunch time (she has a meetin of the d.a.r., bleeve it or not) n we kin go to central park to take sum more pitchers. or mayhap twill be a nuther park, but witchever, should be fun to git sum pitchers of folks. aint no better subjeck to my way of thankin!

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