Wednesday, June 22, 2005

hopes of buddy don: nuther visit with ackupunkchurist

yesterdy i gut to wurk but wuz feelin verr ruff to whar my boss seen me n sed i orta go home till i really felt better. i dun jes whut she sed. i had dun called bofem docters, the westurn feller that gives me zomig, the easturn feller that gives me erbs. nuthin seemed to wurk, so i wuz gittin despert.

i never herd nuthin back frum the westurn docter, but i gut a call in the afternoon frum the assistunt to that practishuner of tradishunull chinese medicine name of frank butler. he is a grate healer fer minny reasons, but one of the mane ones is how he gives ye hope that ye kin git well agin.

but his methods were a lil sprizin. after i had dun been eggzamined by abby, witch thats the name of his assistunt, he cum in n sed he needed to talk to me bout sumthin he generly cuvers rite up frunt. he wuz verr serious, lack ifn he wuz about to suggest surgry or sumthin.

but twernt that. twuz diet. fack is, he sed i need to change the way i eat, to start eatin sum red meat three times a week (small porshuns), to eat fewer carbs n more fats n proteins. twuz a sprize on a counta i aint et red meat nor innythang else besides dairy that cums frum a animull ceptn fish fer over eight years.

he sed the thang is that whenever yer wurkin with a payshunt, ye gut two mane thangs to wurk with: the payshunts constitushun n the payshunts lifestyle. he sed he wuznt talkin bout lil thangs lack whuther ye wuz mistreeted as a child nor nuthin lack that. he wuz talkin bout thangs lack diet n sleep n wurk n such. big thangs thats obveeus. he sed tiz thonly way to git well. he also splaind that a vegetaryun diet (even with fish) fer a persun who cums frum a north europeon hertiage aint lackly to wurk on a counta near everbidy that cum befor me et meat n such. he even pointed out how sum folks that eats sum meat lives longer than them that dont.

i aint gut much to lose now, so i figgerd i wood give it a try.

so i am back to hopin fer the best. corse, he give me a nuther treetment of ackupunkchur, witch that always putts me rite fer a lil while.

this mornin i gut up n had whut he suggested fer brakefuss: boiled egg with butter, piece of bread with peanut butter, orange juice. lunch is a cunundrum at the moment, on a counta he sed it should be sumthin cooked. i lack to have a salad mos days, so i dont know whut ima gone do yet. but tiz a better problem to have than the black hole of zomig.

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