Tuesday, June 21, 2005

mizry of buddy don: recuverin

that is, i hope i am recuverin. seem lack i jes caint kick this thang. mus i start usin botox? beta blockers? seems lack thays danger with each of em.

but whut ima gone thru aint purty neethur. i started gitin sick on windsdy, only twuz jes the tender patch on my scalp. i wurked windsdy n thursdy n even started a'wurkin on fridy, but i gut sick befor the day wuz well underway n cum home to take zomig n drop a nuther day of life into that black hole.

on saturdy i felt a lil better, that hollow feelin i git the nex day. i gut to feelin a lil better as the day went on but never felt grate. still, when the kids tole us on sundy how they wonted us to cum to man hattan fer a lil celebrayshun of fathers day, we went. tuck sum pitchers on the way. dint eat in no restrunt n figgerd that wood hep avoid eatin the rong thang. et cheese n crackers n sum stuffed olives.

maybe twuz them stuffed olives, mayhap i jes wuznt over that las attack. innywho, the urge to vomit woke me up at 2:30 am yesterdy n i tride to cunvints myself i wuznt havin a nuther migraine till twuz impossibull on a counta twuz one of the mos intents i dun had. i finely give up n tuck zomig n give up a nuther day.

today i figger ima gone make appointments with bof kinds of docters, east n west. i gotta find sumthin sos i wont lose so much life to this awful thang.

meanwhile, almos by acksident when we wuz walkin down to jessicas apartment, i gut a purty good pitcher of a bumblebee:

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