Tuesday, June 28, 2005

bad mornin of buddy don: wasted oppertunities

i wuz on the way to take my shower sos i wood be reddy early to try to rite the nex chaptur. twuz a lil after 4 am, witch thats when i generly git up. i had dun started them erbs a'cookin. befor i could git inny of that a'goin, the fone rung n twuz a relativ wontin to to tell me bout a encounter with a used-book seller. dint mean nuthin. thay wudnt no point to the story.

but the fone woke up miz bd n she wuz not happy to be awoke so early. so she calls the relativ to splain n the relativ hung up on her. long story short, now tiz time to go n i aint had a chants to start bloggin.

sum days yer tin, sum days yer gold
sum days yer the frog squashed flat on the road
sum days yer the bug that the windshield dun smashed
befor ye git started yer best plans git trashed.

guess im in a bad poetry mood. pall gies to ye all.

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