Monday, June 13, 2005

pitchers tuck by buddy don: beeyootifull mornin fer 2nd anniversry

today marks two years i been keepin this here blog. i had hoped to use a new template by now n even to move frum blogger, but we gut distracketed this weekend by havin a lil upgrade in our camera, thanks to finely gittin our taxes dun.

innywho, tiz a beeyootifull mornin here in the nyc area. heres a pitcher i tuck with that new camera.

also, ye mite notice the new wandering hillbilly logo at the top of the blog page. twuz dun by a feller that calls hisself tennessee jed, witch ye kin see lots of his other creayshuns here. the mans a artist! i hope to make it wurk a bit better once i git my blog moved.

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