Wednesday, November 24, 2004

blessins of buddy don: thanks fer livin here

in keepin with this week of thanksgivin, today i wood lack to give thanks fer the fack that i am stuck a'livin up here in the new york metropoltun area. thays minny a sackrifice a person has to make to live here, but ye git repayment. or to put it a nuther way, thays a reason so minny folks wonts to live up in here. since i been a'givin thanks fer grate scotches at good prices the past cuple days, today tiz time to give thanks fer grate places to buy good scotches, even ifn they mite cum at hi prices. no doubt thays more places than i know bout, but whenever me n miz bd find out bout a new'un, i keep addin em to the list. heres whut i gut so far:
  1. park avenue liquor store -- tiz one of the worls best places to find all kinds of sangle malt scotches. ye kin spend over $5,000 fer jes one bottle of macallans thar, witch they gut em a colleckshun of macallan vintages frum years as far back as the 30s. they gut em over 200 differnt kinds n sum of em ye caint git no whars else. fer instunts, they had em a speshul bottlin of a laphroaig unchillfiltered sangle cask malt that has got to be one of the bes three we ever tasted, n we dun gut a list of bout 100 we tasted. twuz bottled jes fer that thar likker store, so ye caint git it nowhars else.
  2. astor places wines n liquors -- taint got as minny choices as park avenue, but sum of thar thangs is cheaper.
  3. warehouse wines n spirits -- bes place in town to git a wide variety of standurd stuff at incredible prices.
  4. crossroads wines n liquors -- thisn dont have much, but whut they gut is even cheapern whut ye find at warehouse.
corse, ye gut plenty of places in town to git ye a drank by the glass n sum of em has good colleckshuns of sangle malt scotches, three in particlar:
  1. keens. dun writ bout it a number of times. they have sangle malt scotch tastins now n agin. nuff sed.
  2. st. andrews. tiz a lil piece of scotland close by times square. grate whisky dinners.
  3. the ginger man. good thang bout thisn is how we dun herd bout it havin a grate lineup of sangle malts, but we aint been thar yet. mayhap we kin make it durin them holidays.
corse thays a minny uther blessins ye git fer livin here. cheap transportashun -- costs me jes $65 a munth fer unlimited rides on the bus to man hattan. plenty entertainment in the city that never sleeps. grate wurk opportunties. plenty of folks frum all over the worl, so tiz a good place to practiss other langwages. nice parks. beautiful waterfrunt. but the bes blessin of all up in here is miz bd, witch shes the bes thang bout my life n this is whar she's a'livin.

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