Monday, November 15, 2004

mizry of buddy don: sundy migraine

fergive me fer runnin on n on bout migraines, but ifn ye ever had one, ye wood understand how awful tiz to have sumthin take over cumpletely to whar ye caint even watch tv or read or lie in bed without havin to git up n vomit. yesterdy mornin, i had sum symptums, but i dint wonta add mitt twuz a'happenin, so i put off takin my medicin fer a lil while. befor i knew it, i had to upchuck with a vengunts, n after that, twuznt possibull to stop it. i tuck the zomig that wurks so well ifn ye catch the migraine befor ye git to spittin up. but it dont wurk at all after ye dun started. i even tuck a secunt one after i had been in it fer two hours. but it dint wurk, n frum 5 in the mornin till 9 pm, i couldnt stop, couldnt keep nuthin down, couldnt do nuthin but suffer n vomit till my throat wuz (n still is) raw n achin frum all the acid. miz bd tride everthang she knows, but nuthin wurked.

finely, thankin i wood half to call in this mornin, witch ye caint magine how much i wood hate that, i figgerd i wood take a shower sos i could git the stank offn me. twuz lack flickin a switch. i went in the shower as sick as ever, but cum out with the problem gone. i could eat (few grains of rice) n drank water n even a lil tea. kin a shower be a switch in the rite direckshun? i never herd of it a'doon that befor, but after vomittin fer about 16 hours, mayhap the migraine had dun run its corse.

tiz a bad bizness whenever ye thank the bes thang bout that migraine is how it cum on a sundy so i woodnt miss no wurk. but tiz bad a nuff to suffer the pure mizry without addin in the feelin of guilt n deepreshun ye git when ye stay home sick.

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