Monday, November 01, 2004

pinions of buddy don: who wuz osama trine to reach?

by now everbidy has herd bout how osama bin laden is alive n well n still broadcastin at folks. he had a few thangs to say, witch ye mite could thank he wuz a trine to have a influents on the u.s. election, but thays a nuther audients thats probly more importunt to im, witch thats all the muslims who are in thar third week of ramadan. that means thar cunsidderin whut it means to be muslim n how they kin bes serve the community of muslims worlwide.

one thang folks has gut to start unnerstandin is how this is a battle fer harts n minds, not one state trine to git a nuthern to surrender. the enemy is willin to use a tacktick known as terrorism. ifn thays folks willin to use it, ye caint stop em on a counta ye caint eethur kill em all or lock everbidy up. ifn ye read osamas statement, ye mite notice how he frames his hole reasonin fer attackin us on the amurkin support fer the israeli incurshun into lebanon back in 1982. seems to me whut he's a doon is preachin to his base, not to us. i bleeve hes makin the case to other muslims that he has had the courage to stand up to the worls mightiest military power. ifn other muslims hear his message n take it to hart, then we jes lost a big battle on a counta thays that minny more of em wllin to join in the battle agin amurka. i dont thank it makes much differnts to him whuther tiz bush or kerry that wins, tho he has to have grate recruitin at the moment thanks to bush's deecishun to invade iraq in sted of keepin after him.

whut i caint hep but wunder is whut we're a'doon to win harts n minds fer our side. is it killin as minny of 100,000 iraqis that woodnt have died ifn we hadnt invaded? is it invadin a muslim cuntry, guardin thar oil infrastruckchur but not pertectin sum of the weppons n eggsplosiv dumps? i caint figger how we're a'doon it atall, assumin we are a'doon it.

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