Thursday, November 04, 2004

pinions of buddy don: the reality strikes back

aint no nevermind how i wonted thangs to turn out in that eleckshun now that tiz over n even ifn i dont lack the result, i lack thangs bein over. congratulayshuns to mr bush on finely winnin an eleckshun to presdint. ye mite thank the worl wood catch on to how the reality dont matter now on a counta ye kin win so long as ye deny it. sez a lot about how much faith folks has gut in this cuntry.

so whuts a'gone on with this reality thang? aint the reality herd the wurd bout who won n how? reason i ast is how it seems lack the reality is a'strikin back, ignorin the facks of mr bushs victry cumpletely.

take yer global warmin. dun been deefeated at the ballot box, rite? but here it cums agin, this time attackin the home of santa claus! talk about the reality pickin a fite with whut folks bleeves! in case ye missed this importunt news, heres a bit of that articull, witch tiz a'callin itself 'Global Warming Has Arrived: Arctic Study':
WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov 1 (OneWorld) – With only eight weeks left before the elves finish their work and Santa Claus mounts his sleigh, an eight-nation study on global warming co-sponsored by the United States has concluded that the North Pole is melting beneath St. Nick.

The 144-page report, which is due to be officially released a week after Tuesday’s elections, says the accelerated warming of the globe – which it blames mostly on the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced by the industrial age – is transforming the Arctic region dramatically.

The Arctic “is now experienc[ing] some of the most rapid and severe climate change on Earth,” according to the report, which was obtained by the New York Times and the Washington Post this weekend, apparently from European sources that wanted to publicize its findings before Tuesday.

The European Union (news - web sites) (EU), some of whose member states co-sponsored the study, strongly supports the Kyoto Protocol (news - web sites) to reduce greenhouse emissions, while President George W. Bush (news - web sites) has rejected the accord. His Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites), has called for the U.S. to rejoin negotiations on the treaty’s terms.

“Over the next 100 years, climate change is expected to accelerate, contributing to major physical, ecological, social and economic changes, many of which have already begun,” the report stated, adding that greenhouse gas emissions have clearly become “the dominant factor” in the Arctic’s changing climate.
i kindly figgerd mayhap that thar global warmin reality, bein located too far away to git the news, mite coulda missd how the eleckshun changes everthang n made reality moot, but then ye git stories lack thisn in the l.a. times bout how sum of our own soljers is still on the side of the reality. here a bit of the articull, witch thar a'callin it Soldiers Describe Looting of Explosives:
Iraqis piled high-grade material from a key site into trucks in the weeks after Baghdad fell, four U.S. reservists and guardsmen say.
By Mark Mazzetti
Times Staff Writer
November 4, 2004

WASHINGTON — In the weeks after the fall of Baghdad, Iraqi looters loaded powerful explosives into pickup trucks and drove the material away from the Al Qaqaa ammunition site, according to a group of U.S. Army reservists and National Guardsmen who said they witnessed the looting.

The soldiers said about a dozen U.S. troops guarding the sprawling facility could not prevent the theft because they were outnumbered by looters. Soldiers with one unit — the 317th Support Center based in Wiesbaden, Germany — said they sent a message to commanders in Baghdad requesting help to secure the site but received no reply.

The witnesses' accounts of the looting, the first provided by U.S. soldiers, support claims that the American military failed to safeguard the munitions. Last month, the International Atomic Energy Agency — the U.N. nuclear watchdog — and the interim Iraqi government reported that about 380 tons of high-grade explosives had been taken from the Al Qaqaa facility after the fall of Baghdad on April 9, 2003. The explosives are powerful enough to detonate a nuclear weapon.

During the last week, when revelations of the missing explosives became an issue in the presidential campaign, the Bush administration suggested that the munitions could have been carted off by Saddam Hussein's forces before the war began. Pentagon officials later said that U.S. troops systematically destroyed hundreds of tons of explosives at Al Qaqaa after Baghdad fell.

Asked about the soldiers' accounts, Pentagon spokeswoman Rose-Ann Lynch said Wednesday, "We take the report of missing munitions very seriously. And we are looking into the facts and circumstances of this incident."
The soldiers, who belong to two different units, described how Iraqis plundered explosives from unsecured bunkers before driving off in Toyota trucks.

The U.S. troops said there was little they could do to prevent looting of the ammunition site, 30 miles south of Baghdad.

"We were running from one side of the compound to the other side, trying to kick people out," said one senior noncommissioned officer who was at the site in late April 2003.

"On our last day there, there were at least 100 vehicles waiting at the site for us to leave" so looters could come in and take munitions.

"It was complete chaos. It was looting like L.A. during the Rodney King riots," another officer said.
He and other soldiers who spoke to The Times asked not to be named, saying they feared retaliation from the Pentagon.
thang is, ye kin see these here soljers know thar makin a miss take by joinin the reality agin the faithful, witch thats why they knowd bettern to give out thar names.

ye kin also see how bad thangs are a'gittin fer the reality on a counta how in this articull ye kin read bout the reality a'plannin to strike back! tiz called More Concerns About Weapons, Expertise Available to Iraqi Insurgents n here's the kinda thangs the reality is plannin agin the faithful:
WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov 2 (OneWorld) – More evidence of a major failure by the Bush administration to adequately prepare for the possibility of insurgency in post-war Iraq (news - web sites) has surfaced amid claims by some rebels that they have acquired chemical weapons and are preparing to use them against U.S. forces in the besieged Sunni stronghold of Falluja.

The claims, which come on the heels of the worst one-day losses for U.S. soldiers in more than six months, suggested that chemical-weapons specialists are lending their expertise to the guerrillas, a development that is causing growing anxiety in Washington.

Such a possibility was noted in the Central Intelligence Agency (news - web sites)’s (CIA (news - web sites)) Duelfer Report last month which detailed in an annex that a group of insurgents, called the “Al-Abud Network,” had worked with a civilian Iraqi chemist to build chemical weapons for use against Coalition forces.

The report, which was noted by Michael Roston at Columbia University in a paper published by Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) last week said U.S.-led troops had nipped the plot in the bud but that al-Abud “was not the only group planning or attempting to produce CBW (chemical or biological weapons) agents …”

“(A)vailability of chemicals and materials dispersed throughout the country, and intellectual capital from the former WMD (weapons of mass destruction) programs increases (sic) the future threat to Coalition forces,” according to the Annex.

That possibility looms large as U.S. Marines prepare a major assault on Falluja where up to 3,000 insurgents are believed to be holed up. It was just outside the city that nine Marines were reportedly killed Saturday when a suicide bomber drove his truck into their convoy.

Since last week’s revelation that some 380 tons of high explosives – just a few pounds of which can blow up an airplane -- that had been sealed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the former nuclear site of Al Qaqaa south of Baghdad, concern has grown over the likelihood that that stockpile was only a small fraction of as much as 250,000 tons of munitions that remain unaccounted for.
tiz a shame that the reality caint use this moment after the eleckshun to take a lil brake n let us all celebrate the victry of the faithful over it in peace!

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