Monday, November 22, 2004

blessins of buddy don: week fer givin thanks

thays a minny a thang ye kin give thanks fer n i hope to menchun a few of em this week. furst off, thays three sangel malts that ye kin generly git fer under $20 a bottle. i am thankful fer em! here they are:
  1. speyburn: we gut thisn fer a lil over $13 over in man hattan, so ye mite find it cheeper wharever ye be. tiz a speyside malt with a delicate sweetness n jes a nuff peat to remind ye of the smoke used in maltin. ye caint beat it at the price, n i wood be innerested to see how twood rank in a blind tastin
  2. glen garioch:thisns a highland malt n ye call glen garee accordin to sum them books i read bout scotch. tiz a nuther nice malt, that ye kin git fer under $20, tho in this case, tiz jes barely under $20 over in man hattan. thisns gut everthang ye look fer in a malt that aint frum islay: sum strangth, sum legs, sum grate toffee delicussy. agin, i wunder what twood rank in a blind tastin.
  3. lastn i wonta menchun today is bowmore legend, witch we gut us a bottle of thisn fer $18 n twuz a bargain. taint gut the oily iodine medicinull qualties sum of us luv in yer laphroaig n lagavulin, but tis a nice n easy way to git yer islay malt fix without spendin too much money. tiz a goodn to use in showin folks that aint fans of islay malts jes how easy they kin go down.
me n miz bd is plannin to have thanksgivin over to our sons place. we lackly gone brang im n his partner a bottle of malt. mayhap we kin brang two since these uns is so cheap. thays a'gone be thanksgivin all round!

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