Wednesday, November 03, 2004

pinions of buddy don: wurst of all possibull outcums

tiz awful that thangs aint quite over. but twill be soon a nuff.

now that them publicans have a better majorty in congress (delays redistricktin wuz hepful in that) n thar reeleckted president (i know i could be rong on thatn), twill be innerestin to see whut they do. aint nuthin kin stop em now. they kin fix everthang n caint use that ole eggscuze bout them dimcrats blockin em. now they kin make everthang jes rite. aint that sumthin?

i half to add mitt, tiz a sad day n it hurts as bad as innythang. corse, taint fer me to cuncede n thars still a lil tiny chants fer ohio to give kerry the victry, but . . . face facks: tiz over.

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