Tuesday, January 11, 2005

pinions of buddy don: tiz the bias, stoopid

i jes found a articull by leonard pitts of the miami herald name of Party allegiance, bias are swaying our opinions, witch he rites bout a scientifick eggspearmint dun by a feller name of Drew Westen to find out ifn folks is unbiased n objecktiv n such lack.

turns out that ifn ye know a persuns pallticks, ye kin tell whut that persun is a'gone bleeve.

fer eggzample, mr westen asts his subjecks to cunsidder the case of a soljer accused of tortchur. no matter whut the evidents of that soljer gittin orders frum above to doot, publicans n them that lacks mr bush bleeves the soljer wuz actin alone. n no matter how much evidents they give that he jes acted alone, dimcrats n them that dont much lack mr bush is always a'gone say them orders cum frum above.

sad as tiz, it splains a lot. i caint git over how it seems lack were a'livin in at lease two sepert worls. frum my perspecktiv, publicans n bush fans dont keer bout whuts real n lie bout it rite n left. but i reckun thar side wood thank the same thang bout me -- ceptn they wood be wrong :^Þ.

as nietzsche put it, 'there are no facts, only interpretations.' thats one way to put it. wont a nuthern? tiz the bias, stoopid.

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