Thursday, January 27, 2005

mizry of buddy don: whut made the migraine stop?

i real eyes not everybidy lacks readin bout no migraine headaches n i caint blame ye. i dint have my furstn till i wuz near 47 year old. fer a cuple years, couldnt nobidy say whut wuz rong to make me have days whar i wood vomit ever 15 or 20 mints fer up to 16 hours at a stretch. we tried antiemetic drugs to stop the vomitin, but they dint wurk atall. my digestive track wuz checked, but we couldnt figger nuthin out till one day my primary care physician sed it could be a migraine. so he tole me to take a painkiller as soon as i woke up with a urge to vomit. that wurked ok fer a while.

durin that time, me n miz bd gut to whar we wood try to notice everthang that wuz a'gone on durin n rite befor the attack. took us a while to larn that tiz mostly when the weather changes, when thays a lot of barometric pressure changes. i dint notice that on a counta how by the time i had one, i wuznt noticin much of nuthin. but i did notice a few thangs lack how my scalp wood git to whar it felt lack thay wuz a scrape rite across the verr top if it, runnin frum my forehead back to the crown. it wood be on one side of my head n wood be so real that i wood check all day long to see ifn i wuz bleedin. took a long time to real eyes that tenderness wuz a sine that a nuther migraine wuz a'comin. fack is, twuz probly a sine that migraine wuz alreddy underway.

nuther thang we noticed bout this is how the attack mite end jes as sudden as it started. one day, after vomitin ever 20 mints fer 16 hours, i tole miz bd i wood take a shower so she woodnt half to put up with the smell whenever we went to bed. as soon as i tuck that shower, the attack wuz over. twuz so magickull that i have tride it agin n agin, but it only wurked the one time.

last nite miz bd wunderd whut i wonted fer dinner. tole her i wuz cravin beans fer sum reason. i tole her i wood make dinner, witch twuz a lil mexican with refried beans the main attrackshun. bout the time we wuz halfway thru eatin, i noticed the attack wuz finely gone, jes as quick as that. miz bd noticed also, tellin me i wuz 'back.' seems to her lack i git lost inside my sick bidy durin an attack. i dont ritely know how it wurks, but tiz amazin how she kin tell whuther im havin one or not.

innywho, i finely skeduled a pointment with dr mauskop, witch hes on vacayshun n wont be back till middle of nex munth. so i gut the furst pointment thay wuz, fer febuwary 28. i gut plenty to tell im bout whuts happend since the last time i seen im.

im a'hopin he kin splain how i kin make them migraines stop better or even how i kin avoid em ever startin.

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