Monday, January 31, 2005

admirayshun of buddy don: them brave iraqis

i gut to hand it to them iraqis who went out to vote yesterdy. dont matter nun ifn them candidates couldnt campain or even let thar identities be known befor the vote, dont matter that lots of iraqis dint know whut they wuz a'votin fer (sum surveys suggest they figgerd they wuz votin fer president, not a group of folks to rite a constitushun). nun of that matters a bit.

whut matters is that they went out to vote in numbers that wood make amurka proud even though the violents wuz promissd n deliverd. to give ye a idee bout how brave they wuz, to have the same percent of killd here, twooda been nigh onto 400 folks dead. we wood be verr upset about it. fack is, i wunder ifn we wood git over 60% of folks votin ifn violents wuz promissd. we dont git that when thay aint nuthin to fear.

so i honor the iraqi bravry n deesire to vote. ye kin have hope fer the futchur. twill be innerestin to see how it shakes out now that the vote is counted n the power is handed out.

i gut a few questchuns: is iraq a sovern nayshun yet? ifn they ast us to leave, wood we? will we still git our 14 bases n our $1.5 billion embassy? will we even find the $9 billion thats been lost over thar alreddy? lets hope this step in the rite die-reckshun gits us sum ansers.

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