Wednesday, January 19, 2005

pinions of buddy don: crisis? whut crisis?

magine ye had inside infermayshun bout a crisis a'heddin rite fer everbidy ye luv n keear bout. magine y wonta git the wurd out sos to save as minny folk as possibull. magine that the news is not eggzackly welcum on a counta how ye wood have to use tuff medicine to head off the crisis. sum wood lose benefits they bleeves they gut a rite to keep on a'gittin. sum wood jes half to change the way they live ifn they wonted to avoid the crisis. thar woodnt be no easy way to fix thangs sos to avoid the crisis.

magine ye had a situwayshun whar thay wuznt no crisis, but ye wonted folks to thank so on a counta how they woodnt wonta wreck sumthin that wuznt broke, but ifn ye kin cunvints em tiz broke, then they woodnt have not choice but to do sumthin to fix it.

i gut to thankin bout this kinda stuff this mornin as i wuz readin a articull in the washington post (free registraysun required) bout a feller that has discuverd a real crisis, but the news is not welcum. his name is James E. Hansen n he wurks as a climatologist fer the u.s. gummint.

the crisis he wonts folks to pay tenchun to is called global warmin. ifn hes rite, then thangs is lackly to git verr bad, but we aint willin to do nuthin bout it. why? it mite hurt the economy. ye wood half to do thangs lack make cars that gut more miles to the gallon n let off less carbon die-oxide. ye wood half to cum up with differnt ways of gittin energy. ye mite even half to sign the kyoto accords. bad bizness, no doubt.

so whut are we -- based on us bein the gummint, witch that principle mite be jes as quaint as sum parts of the geneva cunvenchun -- whut are we a'gone do? nuthin, kick the problem down the rode n hope fer the bes. mayhap taint humans a'doon it. mayhap twill be nice to have a sea shore in upstate new york. mayhap we dont need manhattan n all them places close to the shores of our cuntry. lease we kin make lots of big cars n sell em fer a grate profit!

so whar science by overwhelmin numbers sez thays a problem with global warmin, problem cawzed by human activity, a problem ye kin address only by changin human activity, our anser is, we dont bleeve them scientists is rite. thar motivated by partisan intrests. we aint a'gone change nuthin bout how we live on a counta we deserve to live well cawz were all amurkins.

whut bout tuther crisis, the one bout soshul securty, witch thay aint really no crisis with no soshul securty regardless of the false situwayshun mr bush n the add ministrayshun n even the soshul secury administrayshun is claimin (folks at ssa has dun been tole to make shore everbidy knows tiz a big crisis -- n thar alreddy at it) -- whut bout that crisis? cordin to mr bush, we need folks to thank thay is one. he even sed thats jes whut he wonted in his furst publicity stunt with his hand-picked audients (aint he a brave man fer facin all them folks that agrees with him?), that he wonted fer folks to thank the system is goin flat broke:
"If you're 20 years old, in your mid-20s, and you're beginning to work, I want you to think about a Social Security system that will be flat bust, bankrupt, unless the United States Congress has got the willingness to act now," Bush said.
thats whut he wonts em to thank. dont matter whut the real truth is.

one of them crises is real n kin have devastatin effecks to change everbidys way of life on the hole planet. tuther aint no crises atall n kin be fixed with minor tweaks.

witchn ye reckon is gonna git addressd?

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