Friday, January 07, 2005

frustrayshun of buddy don: tecknology is spozed to hep us, right?

yesterdy i had to go home early with a migraine. ackshly, i knew i wuz probly havin one, but i wonted to make shore. problem is how ye git them furst symptoms n ifn ye take yer medicine then, ye mite swell be havin a migraine whuther ye are or not on a counta how the medicine knocks ye out. i went to wurk innyway on a counta two thangs:
  1. i wonted to see whuther i wuz ackshly havin a migraine, witch turnt out i wuz.
  2. i had a verr importunt meetin at noon n i figgerd no matter how bad twuz, i should be able to tuff it out till then, witch i did, but twuz a bad way to suffer in publick.
but that aint the point of today's post.

a lil while back, i tride to make an appointment fer my yearly physicull with my docter. they gut em a new online schedulin thang at the offus whar he wurks, witch i made the miss take of puttin in a email address frum my last job on a counta how twuz close to whar the docters offus is. thang is, i caint git em to change my email address to a valid address in three years of trine. when i try to git my password, they send it to that dead email address.

not only that, i caint git nobidy to anser thar phone on a counta since they have em this new skedulin softare, the figger they dont need as minny folks ye kin ackshly talk to.

i figger i probably gone have to git a new docter even tho i lack thisn n have dun been a'goin to im fer nigh onto eight years now. i tride to find out whuther my attemp to skedule the physicull tuck n whut time im spozed to be thar ifn it did, but thays no way to tell. so i reckon i dint git one.

nex step is to send em snail mail splainin why thar a'gone lose my bizness n sayin goodbye to one of the bes docters i ever had.

i lack them tecknologicull add vantses that ackshly makes thangs better, lack the microwave or mp3s. but sum add vantses is wursern whut they replaced. tiz a crine shame.

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