Wednesday, January 05, 2005

fears of buddy don: the unknown

sum the good news frum last year fer me n miz bd wuz how our apartment complex is goin private, witch we hope to buy ours. one thang ye need fer that is good credit, n the way ye kin figger how good or bad tiz at the moment is by findin yer FICO score. i been a'knowin i wuz a'gone need to find it out fer bout a munth or more, but fer sum reason, i couldnt git over thankin the news wood be bad n ifn twuz, wood ruin whutever day i wuz bout to have. but sooner or later ye gut to face such thangs, so this mornin, i orderd ours. i am deeligthed to report twuznt bad atall. fack is, looks lack we orta be able to borry bout whutever we need.

that sez lots bout a bidys fears. twuznt no reason to be scairt n ye couldnt avoid the facks whuther they wuz good or bad. so bes thang to do is face em hed on. i know that to be true n even gut mad at my own daddy fer not checkin his health till twuz too late to do innythang bout it. then i go n ack the same way bout this. shows how the fruit dont fall far frum the tree, huh?

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