Wednesday, January 26, 2005

mizry of buddy don: caint brake the patturn

a migraine is sumthin that aint verr well understood. fer one thang, ye gut a lot of disagreement bout whut they is n how they caws folks to be disabled fer a day or two.

mine seem to be brought on by weather, speshly ifn thays a low pressure system follerd by a high pressure system with lots of wind. yesterdy i wuz shore i could wurk, but once i gut out in the sunshine n onto the bus, the nausea gut to risin till once we gut to port authority bus stayshun, i knew i wood half to turn round n go back home.

i still aint had that 'click,' as miz bd calls it, witch tiz a moment when suddenly the migraine is gone, almost as suddenly as ye noticed ye were havin it in the furst place. so i know thays a good chants i wont make it thru wurk today n thats a horrbull shame.

besides hatin to miss wurk, i gut a nuther thang me n miz bd wood miss: tonite is robbie burns nite at keens, witch we dun paid fer our irish frien n his wife to join us thar fer the evenin. i reckun bes thang to do is ast my irish frien ifn he knows a cuple folks that wood lack to go in our place. i doubt ifn ima gone feel lack drankin scotch tonite.

but i will make shore i make a nuther pointment with dr mauskop to see ifn thays sum other way to fite these thangs off. the medicine -- zomig -- knocks me out to whar tiz almos as trublesum as the migraine, though the migraine is ackshly much wurser. but usin the medicin or not, ye git the same result: caint do nuthin all day long.

pardon my whinin. tiz awful that sumthin lack this kin take over yer life. corse, once i git the 'click' meanin tiz over, i caint hardly magine whut tiz lack to be havin an attack. at the moment, that aint my problem.

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