Thursday, January 06, 2005

futchur fun of buddy don: keens tastins cummin up

yesterdy my irish friend sent me a blackberry note sayin he had sum real good news, witch turnt out to be how keens chophouse is holdin sum tastins purty soon. thays three of em, two bout scotches n one fer red wine. my docter tole me not to drank no red wine or beer on a counta they gut histimeans in em that kin cause migraines, so we wont be attendin thatn. that leaves two that we dont wanna miss:
  1. Robbie Burns Night Celebration: New Single Malts in the Market Place (windsdy, jan 26, 7 pm)
  2. Scotch Whisky from the Inside: A Special In-Depth Seminar and Tasting with F. Paul Pacult (tuesdy, march 22, 7 pm)
ye kin read sum deetails bout em here. ye mite recolleck how we met mr. pacult durin a prior tastin.

tiz fittin that i thank eric over at straight white guy fer gittin us off on a good start whenever it cums to sangle malt scotches. thankee, sir!

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