Tuesday, January 25, 2005

mizry of buddy don: tiz the calm after the storm

yesterdy whenever i dun my bloggin, i dint real eyes whut wuz a'gone wrong with me, witch i wuz bout to have a nuther migraine attack. miz bd tole me after i add mitted i woodnt be able to wurk how she knew sumthin wuz a'gone on with me frum sundy afternoon, witch ye mite half herd bout how we had a blizzard on saturdy nite n sundy mornin. once twuz over, a high pressure frunt moved in. miz bd has noticed how when thays big changes lack that i git migraines, lack as not.

twuz a bad day to have one on a counta how twuz mundy n my new boss had her furst day, but ye caint deny the truth, not that i dint try. i gut up, went thru the usual routine to git reddy, rote my blog, n left. the instunt i gut out in the lite, i had to add mitt the obvious. came back home n tuck the medicine n spent the day in the comatose state it puts me into.

so i reckun tiz time to make a nuther visit to dr mauskop to find out ifn thays a nuther way to deefend agin weather changes.

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