Sunday, July 06, 2003

life of buddy don, chaptur 10:
tellin thangs

tellin thangs lack im doin sqeezes em all in tugether n sum parts thats portant kindly slips out, witch thats whut dun happent with myra jane on a counta she tended the skool we did n she becum my enemy after whut happent. fer the longest i never tole nobidy but then virgil wurmed t'out of me, n after that seem lack he wuz kindly innerested in her but since we wuz enemies thay wuznt much he cud do. then i quit skool n thangs happent that i never specktid.

ye kin probly magine twud stir up sum commoshun n it did. twernt that everbidy wuz agin it, but thay dint care fer how twuz sprung on em. mr deeanjullo ackshly lacked it oncet hed splaint how inconsiderrut twuz not to warn him. sed twuz bout time i quit wastin everday jes a playin musik. n miz deeanjullo made me splain id still be gittin my hi skool since i only had the one class left n she made me promiss we cud still study the bibl.

i splaint to virgil whut i wuz a'doin n that twuz bout time i steppt aside n give him his chants with darlene, n he thanked me but ye cud tell sumthin wernt right. then he sed sumthin, n i kindly new he wuz jellus of me wurkin n all, tho he never admittid it.

then thay wuz darlene herself who dint larn whut id dun frum me, witch that wuz a big miss take fer me to make. she got a ride home with her mama, witch that wuz strange, so i walked over to her house sos i cud splain it but by time i got thar she wuz all sulled up n woodnt hardly say nuthin n i cudnt thank of innythang that sayin wood make better, so i sed id be gittin n she dint say nuthin.

so i lef n we dint kiss good bye ner even hug. n i add mitt it hurt whenever i wuz a'walkin away n cud here her crine n felt as if i dun hit her.

turnt out id be too busy to study on how she wuz afeelin n twud be a while before id larn, but i neednt have wurried. thang wuz, i misst our kissin n all but i dint thank twuz rite whut we wuz a'doin. twuz excitin fer certin, but woodnt love be moren that? darlene n me, we'd git into argumints over it, with her asyin that whut we wuz a feelin twuz percisely whut love felt lack. twuz a sinsayshun, she callt it, n twuz reel. she'd claimt she'd never felt it before she met me.

'the first time i heard you speak,' she wood say, a cumin closer, 'i got this strange feelin in my stomach,' n she wood put her lips close to my ear n wisper, 'and I felt it down there, too.' witch, whenever we wuz still yung, she always callt it 'down thar' n always sed it n a bare wisper.

n seemt cruel to state my side of the argumint, witch i reckont love wuz sumthin more, sumthin lack musik or magik or sumthin, but i cudnt splain it moren that. n we'd go back n furth, a'fussin n fitin over the same groun till we wuz too riled up to kiss innymore. n thang wuz, twernt a argumint ye cud settle nor larn frum neithur.

fer a long while i dint see her no more. i sed twuz on a counta i got a job overn the valley at a bobs big boy restrunt, witch i'll splain direckly, but fack wuz twuz jes on a counta becawz.

now ye might thank virgil wood make his hay while the sun wuz a shinin whar darlene wuz concernt. but yed be rong. virgil n me, wed take a ride ever now and then n hed tell me how darlene wuz all upset, but seemt lack he wuz a trine to convints me to call her up or sumthin.

then one day he ups n tells me hes agoin to san fran cisco with a girl in our class n when i ast who, he said myra. at furst i dint catch his meenin, n then i ast him did he mean myra jane tanner? n he sed he did. n i ast did he love her n he cused me of bein 'hung up' n bein too strate laced bout sex n that he loved everbidy n he even loved me. i wuz kindly taken back n he cud see it, n he give me the peace sine n sed, 'peace, bro.'

then he started in to splainin whut he wuz doin only n he cudnt splain it hardly jes that he new twuz whut he had to do. i ast him did myra jane tell him whut he wuz a'havin to do n i reckon she dun jes that on a counta how virgil swole up lack a angry cat n woodnt say nuthin fer a mint or so n ye no whut thay say: a hit dog hollers.

but he cudnt hold his greevants while bein happy as a all git out on acounta he wuz a'goin to san fran with myra jane n be a hippy, witch that mint hed grow his hair long n have free sex n have truble gittin a job fer a while n do a passle of drugs n lissen to sike a delic musik n rock n roll.

i ast him bout darlene n wernt he in love with her, but he tride to change the topic n whenever i circled back roun toot he wudnt anser n i guess that wuz my anser.

n then seem lack no time he wuz gone n fer a long while, i wuz kindly jellus of him. manys the time i thought i maybe shudda dun the same thang.

sted of that, i got a job at bobs big boy restrunt in the san fernando valley, puttin in ten or twelv hours a day burnin buns.

but tellin of that wont squeeze into this chaptur.

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