Saturday, July 19, 2003

life of buddy don, chaptur 20:

darlene n me, we wurkt tuesdy thru sundy n mundy wuz our day off. darlene always insistid on cleenin hous so we wasted mos of it with that, n i figgert i should help n that cum frum bein razed by my daddy. tommy jones lacked to tease me bout cleenin n he coudnt figger why i dint jes go do sumthin else lack fish, witch we did go fishn sum on a counta darlene lackt to fish bettern mos men, but whenever it cum to cleenin, i jes couldnt let her doot all.

then whenever we wuz dun with that, twuz usually roun 7 or 8 at nite n we wood go by mamas on a counta she wood wonta feed us n daddy lackt to talk to darlene bout histry. they got along grate. i could do histry n geeogruffy rite long with em, so thats whut we dun while we wuz eetin.

then darlene gut this idee bout playin risk so next time we went over fer dinner, we startid a game tween darlene n daddy n me.  n that thar one game lastid the hole marrg.

ye mite wunder how could we keep a game a'goin a long as we dun, so heres the splainayshun. darlene tuck a holt of south amurka n afrika. daddy gut europ n north amurka. n that lef me in the weekest spot witch that wuz indonesia n mos of asia. problem wuz, to git a card, ye had to take a cuntry, so we all gathert roun middle east n whenever it cum our turn, we wood attack n take it frum whoever wuz a'holdin it, tho now n then sumbidy failt n that made it a lil more innerestin. they wood let me take a turn or two holdin all of asia but a corse, they couldnt let that go on fer long counta ye got seven armies fert, so we had unspokun treeties wurkt out n we generly discusst histry or geograffy or else we got into a argumint tween me and daddy on a counta he lackt to argu.

corse ye got to reelize that thays a differnts tween a argumint n a fuss n fite. a argumint is makin yer points n proovin with evdents n daddy lackt to make ye doot n twuz a better game than risk generly. to make shure ye wuz a fitin fair, he wood make ye switch sides rite in the midst on a counta he claimt ye caint defeat a argumint ye caint make. n that claims dun stood the test of time. n he let darlene cum in on eether end of the argumint, n she tuck toot lack a squirrl to a tree.

corse a fuss n fite means jes whut it sez, a fuss n fite. mama never could make the distinkshun n that mint lots of argumints turnt into fuss n fites. daddy sed that wuz on a counta she let her emoshuns git in the way n mama cum back with how he never had no emoshuns so whut wood he no bout it n he wood splain bout he new a nuff to no when to keep em outta the way.

n that thars a nuther thang he n darlene had alike. she could keep her emoshun under cuntrol compleetly, tho ye mite could wunder bout that ifn ye thank back, but turns out everythang that happent in chaptur 10 wuz purt well controllt n i wuz jes foolt by it. or maybe twuz reel. thats the thang with darlene. she could cuntrol her emoshuns till ye never new when they wuz reel n when they wuznt.

n when ye thank bout it, a'larnin to argu without lettin inny emoshun in is a good thang, but ye got yer risks with it also. darlene wuz a lot lack daddy, n oncet he got us to usin argumint in sted of fussin n fitin, thats whut we dun. n fer a few years it seemt lack a good thang, but twernt. ye need to brake out a good fuss n fite now n then. darlene n me, we thought we dun had it lickt. she got on at the nashnul lab n after anuther few months i got on at k-25.  n we tuck classes at roane state comunty college. n then she started a'goin to ut. n then she wuz in luv with one of her teechers. n then twuz over. with nary a fuss n fite.

fack is whenever we dun divorcet n went our seppert ways i cum home fer a visit n found that same game of risk under the couch whar we lef it last time we played. n whut sprized me mos wuz i wuz a holdin middle east.

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