Sunday, June 04, 2006

song parodies of buddy don: America?


My country, 'tis of thee
Land of security, with thee I fear!
Land where my fathers quail
Scared that death might prevail
Liberty has to fail – life is too dear!

My native country, you,
Land where fearmongers spew embellished threats!
We love thy guns and tanks,
For bugged phones we give thanks –
Freedom's for left-wing cranks – have no regrets!

Let rock songs make the list
Give their meanings a twist, sweet right-wing song
Make all things fit our view
Whether they're false or true
Long as we can construe as right what's wrong.

Our father's God, you see,
Demands security – He wants us scared!
Long may your spin produce
Panic that can induce
All of us to turn loose rights we once shared.

My country, 'twas of thee
Sweet land of liberty, for thee I cry
Where freedom once was deemed
Worth more than death, esteemed
Fair price for all we dreamed would never die.

i writ thisn after readin that book name of How Would a Patriot Act by Glenn Greenwald. whut happend to a land founded by folks that wood give up life fer liberty?

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meatbrain said...

Truly inspired, BD. Sure do wish your site accepted trackbacks, but in lieu of that, note that I have linked to your post.

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Tennessee Jed said...

I love the linkoems/parodies