Wednesday, February 23, 2005

treetment of buddy don: tradishnull chinese medicine

whenever dr gp sent me to get myself ackupunkchurd, i figgerd they wood stick sum needles in me n have dun with it, but i wuz rong. the real medicine is a bunch of erbs, witch i tuck a pitcher of whut they look lack on a rivull:

i caint ritely say whut i wuz eggspecktin, but i half to add mitt i wuz a lil sprized whenever i opend up the pack n tuck a look in side:

ye kin see whar thays a lil exter pack of stuff that ye dont put in till the last 15 mints. it looks like sum kinda brown bark.

ye gut to cut yerself three slices of ginger to put in:

me n miz bd figgerd we could cook em in a crock pot, witch that turnt out to be a miss take on a counta how that thar water wont never bile down frum 5 cups to 1, witch whut ye spozed to do is put in the erbs n 5 cups of water n brang em to a bile n turn down the heat a dab n bile em till thay aint but a cup left, but lack ye kin see, we put em in the crock pot, witch ye kin git a better look at em thar:

yesterdy i had a nuther a pointment fer gittin ackupunkchurd n so happent i had a migraine too, witch i tuck two doses of zomig n went in lack i wuz a zombie, witch miz bd went along to hep out. we ast frank whut we wuz spozed to use to bile down them erbs n he tole us we could git a erb pot in chinatown fer about $5. we wuz rite near china town so whenever we wuz dun, we went by n got us one even tho they ast $6.50 fer it, witch heres whut it looks lack:

whenever we gut home las nite we biled down them erbs in a reglar pot n put the new one in to soak overnite, witch ye gut to temper it to git it reddy to use. twernt easy to git sumthin that tastes so odd down. i wood say it tastes awful, but we both hope twill proov to be part of the anser n ifn it turns out thataway, i reckun i kin larn to lack it.

thankee all fer yer kind comments n emails. tiz a grate blessin to live in a worl with folks so nice.

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