Sunday, February 27, 2005

hope of buddy don: performin the phoenix manoover

as i mentchund last time i rote, i cummenced to bein treated fer migraines usin tradishunull chinese medicine bout a week n a half ago, sumthin lack that. by windsdy, whenever i made my last post, i had jes started to larn how to cook my erbs rite, witch that wuz the furst day i used my new chinese erb pot. once i dun that, turnt out ye could bile down them erbs in about 2 hours.

bes result is how on windsdy i started feelin better n thursdy wuz the bes day i dun had this year. seem lack fer the furst time, i wuznt a'feelin lack a migraine could strike me inny mint. lease lil weather change n i wood git that tenderheaded warnin i mite could be havin one. twuz such a good feelin i felt lack i wuz reborn.

so happend that miz bd had me hep her hang a framed phoenix in the corner of our apartment a while back n i gut to thankin bout how the phoenix razes its self up frum its own ashes n i felt kindly lack that bird my ownself on a counta how seem lack i burnt out frum migraine till i wuznt nuthin n then them erbs cummenced to brangin me back. so i figgerd i wood root round in my own ashes by diggin into my papers. whut treashurs i found! i wuz speshly sprized to find all the thangs i had writ that i had dun fergot about, fergot i had writ em, fergot cumpletely bout em, ceptn thar they wuz in thar lil file, witch me n miz bd had to dig sum to git to them files. twuz a reeminder that all this wurk is leadin at lease to a huge pile of paper, witch that wuz the deal i made with myself way back when. as i looked thru them old papers, i felt lack that bird, reborn. i hope it aint no illushun, hope them erbs is really whuts a'wurkin.

so im performin the phoenix manoover, witch ye need to do that bout ever decade or so i reckon.

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