Wednesday, February 16, 2005

blessins of buddy don: kindness of everbidy

i aint gut much to say today. fer one thang, seems lack i caint git past bein worn out by all the vomitin. but i wonted to say a few wurds bout how kind everbidy has been to me. ye kin read in the comments how sum of them that drops by to this site has wished me well. caint nobidy know how much that means to a bidy durin a time lack this.

but tiz also a grate time to count my blessins at wurk. yesterdy i went in on a counta havin been out so minny days this year alreddy, but twuz purty obveeus to innybidy that i wuznt well. i gut in round 7:30 as is my habit n dun my early mornin bizness. at 9 we had a meetin, witch my new boss wuz in it. twuz ok but i had to swaller a lot of spit to keep frum runnin to vomit agin.

quick as that meetin wuz over, i hedded back to my offus n thar cum my new boss. she sed, 'yes, i am followin you.' once we gut to my offus, she tole me not to wurry bout bein sick, twuznt sumthin i half to pallgize fer even ifn i caint hep pallgizin lack nobidys bizness. then she sed i shouldnt half to wurk when twuz obveeus i wuz about to barf, so she tole me i could go home n not to wurry n not to log on frum home to try to do no wurk.

twuz a moment of such uneggspeckted kindness that i wuz touched. aint nuthin lack a good boss that unnerstands ye n puts yer well-bein befor gittin wurk dun. i tuck her up on her offer on a counta bein too whupped to do much else. cum home n slept a bunch of the day till i could eat sumthin without it wontin to cum back up.

aint outta the woods yet n aint never had no migraine type symptums last so long. makes me wonta go back to my reglar docter n start all over agin, witch we dun tride that whenever this thang started back in 1999 n thang that cunvinced us twuz migraines wuz how the vomitin dint respond to no anti-emitick, not even a shot. (we had tried pills n spositories, but i couldnt keep eethur of em down or in me long a nuff.) fack is, once they cum up with the idee twuz migraines, then they give me medicine fer migraines n it wurked a lot better.

so fergive me fer bein so self-centerd n carryin on bout this here problem. thang is, whenever ye git sumthin that makes ye half wish ye were dead, lots of other thangs dont seem near as importunt. ifn i dont git sick befor i git to wurk today, i plan to ast fer nex week off as vacayshun. that way, wont nobidy eggspeck me to show up when i caint n after that week, i see dr mauskop n mayhap i kin git a better plan fer dealin with these thangs. i kin be lack a stopped watch fer a while: lease ye know ye wont find the rite time on it, ceptn fer twice a day, but ye kin depend on it fer them two times. at the moment, i caint depend on myself to git to wurk.

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