Tuesday, February 15, 2005

mizry of buddy don: corse of wurst migraine ever yet

them migraines: thar a'gittin longer n more intrusive by the year, seems lack.

i gut my furst migraine the day tennessee won the nashunul champeenship out in tempe arizona by whuppin florida state 17-10. i wuz bout to turn 47 years ole n till that time, i had always figgerd migraines wuznt even real, even ifn my own mama n grandie (daddy's mama) gut em.

that mornin i gut up n felt a lil iffy. purty soon i cummenced to vomitin n jes couldnt git it to stop till after tennessee had dun won the game, witch it seemed lack sumthin a'gone on in a nuther room frum whar i wuz even ifn twuz jes a few feet away on a counta how me n miz bd lived in a tiny studio apartment over in man hattan at the time.

fer years we dint have no idee whut wuz a'makin me have them vomitin spells. i wood git up, feel a lil odd, n begin vomitin. fer 12 to 16 hours, i couldnt stop vomitin, generly one to four times ever hour.

finely, my mane docter cum up with the idee that mahyap them vomitin spells wuz frum migraines. so fer a cuple years i tuck two migraine strength excedrin ever mornin furst thang whenever i gut up. but ye caint tell if sumthin lack that is a'wurkin ifn ye still git them vomitin spells.

then thar cum a day when i had one that wuz paneful n dint make me vomit. i figgerd i mite have sumthin rong with my head, so i gut a pointment with them mri folks, had magnetick pitchers made of my brane, n went to see dr mauskop, who runs the new york headache center. hes one of the worls foremost eggspurts on migraines. he made me quit takin the excedrin, cut down on caffeine, take migralief n coenzyme Q 10, n extersize everday.

i saw him after a migraine on the 28th of march of last year n dint have a nuther migraine till september 18. dr mauskop figgerd out sum of them migraines cums frum eatin thangs with msg n uther artifushull flavers in em. miz bd has been noticin how i only git em certain times of the year, n makin it fer so long without one last year seemed lack proof bout thar bein a seasonal aspeck to this hole thang, sumthin miz bd has been much quicker to notice. she also noticed how i git them sick headache spells after certain kinds of weather changes.

innywho, my mane cuncern now is how they seem to be cummin more often n when they git here, they last longer. the last one that kep me outta wurk yestedy is a perfeck eggzample of how thar a'changin.

on friday the weather made one of them changes, frum warm n still in the mornin to cold n breezy in the late afternoon. my scalp had dun started feelin verr tender that afternoon even befor i lef wurk fer dinner with my frien george ochoa. (we et at st andrews n i bought im his furst sangle malt scotch, witch i figgerd he could start with talisker same as we dun, n he luved it.) nex day, twuz not quite paneful, but miz bd could see i wuz bein affeckted by it. she kin tell ifn ima havin a migraine even ifn i dont know it yet. we stayed in all day n dint do much, but i had that feelin of dread ye git whenever ye know yer bout to go thru sumthin paneful or difficult.

shore a nuff, nex day i woke with all the symptums -- haloe affeck, paneful scalp, sick feelin in my stumach, the feelin of 'not bein thar' eggzackly. mis bd knew i wuz sick the instunt she saw me, so i tuck sum zomig n went back to bed. late in the day i gut up n felt better n figgerd twuz over.

but yesterdy mornin had a sprize fer me. i gut up n knew purty quick i wuz a'gone start vomitin. i tuck the medicin, but it dint do nuthin. i cummenced to vomit ever 15 or 20 mints all day long. i had cum outta one of them spells one time by takin a verr hot shower, so i tuck five or six of em yesterdy. finely, round 6 o'clock, after vomitin frum 5 am, i tuck one n felt lack i woodnt vomit no more.

but im skeerd bout how much time thar takin n how long thar a'gittin n how often thar a'cummin. i caint wait to see the docter agin. i wonta ast him why that medicin wurks sumtimes but not otherns.

mayhap whut i gut is sumthin else?

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