Monday, February 07, 2005

pinions of buddy don: growin a bigger gummint

tiz a common sayin how dimcrats lacks to tax n spend. ye dun herd thatn so much that it mite cum as a lil sprize to larn how them publicans is the ones that spends the most since 1970. heres sum stats:
  • In the twelve years that a Democrat has sat in the White House, spending has increased at an average rate of 1.29% per year; during the 22 years of Republican presidencies, government spending has risen at an average rate of 2.12%. In other words, spending has grown 64% faster when a Republican sits in the White House than when a Democrat does.

  • During the 20 years Democrats have controlled both houses of Congress, spending has grown at an average rate of 1.84% per year, more than double the average rate of 0.89% per year during the six years the GOP ran Congress. (During the other eight years, when control of Congress was split between the two parties, spending grew at an average rate of 2.52%. The split-control years all occurred during Republican presidencies.)

  • When Democrats controlled the White House plus both houses of Congress, spending grew at 1.70% per year, slightly below the average growth rate of 1.83% for the entire period.

  • The slowest spending growth occurred when a Democrat sat in the White House and Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. Spending rose by an average of just 0.89% during the six years of this situation, which all occurred with Bill Clinton as president and Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House.

  • During the 14 years Republicans controlled the White House and Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, spending grew at an average annual rate of 1.92%. During the eight years with a Republican president and a split Congress, spending grew at 2.54% per year.
tiz a wurthy study with mr bush a'cummin out with a new budget, witch he claims tiz on track to cut the 2004 budget deficit in half by 2009. corse, ye half to understand whut the meanin of 'half' is: taint half of the ackshul budget deficit of 2004 on a counta how that wood be too hard. tiz half of whut the cbo perdicketed twood be. n taint half of it in dollars but in whut percent of the gdp is in deficit.

corse, yer real story, josephine, is how mr bush is a'gone do this miracull while
  • spendin whutever it takes over in iraq, witch we dun spent as much thar as they is in the hole discreshunairy spendin budget that hes a cuttin;

  • n borryin about $1 trillion fer the furst ten years of the soshul securty dismantlin n then a nuther $trillion or two ever decade till tiz saved by 2052, avoidin a shortfall of $11 trillion perdickted over eternity by borryin about $15 trillion to pump it into private accounts that folks is a'gone own but wont be able to do whutever they wont with em.
i aint shore how he kin do all this, even with his own brand of fuzzy math. mayhap hes gut a bill in to suspend the laws of arithmetick?

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