Thursday, February 19, 2004

medicull examinayshuns of buddy don:
mri of brane stem

i cant rite much today on a counta i half to leeve early to git to a mri to find out whuther the migraines last week wuz really migraines. they have dun evolved from a vomiting migraine that the docter called 'male patturn migraine' to 'cluster hedaches.' the docter sez they always lack to do a cat scan or mri jes to make sure taint sumthin else rong, witch me n miz bd is hopin thay aint lessn tiz sumthin easy to fix.

ifn yer needin yer blog fix, best place to git it today is over to les jones place whar hes gut the latest volunteer tailgate party up.

the wandering hillbilly contributed: i figgerd i wood try to rope in them that lacks to read bout sex n so furth, tho tiz ackshly a lil luv story name of 'true romants in a paris horehouse.'

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