Monday, February 09, 2004

pains of buddy don:
a nuther migraine

twuznt till i wuz 46 years old that i had my furst migraine hedache n even then i dint know whut twuz on a counta all it dun wuz made me vomit fer 15 strate hours. the furstn cum on the day tennessee beat florida state fer the 1998 nashnul champeenship. fer a while, twuz my bleef that i had sumthin rong with my stumick, but turnt out to be sumthin the docter called 'male patturn migraine.' after that, i wuz a lil better at beatin em by takin excedrin migraine strength tablets, but ever now n agin a migraine gits by me, witch thats whut happend yesterdy. so i cant hardly rite the wurds yer readin n i dun called in sick to wurk. the good news is the wurst of it happend on the weekend. the bad news is how i cant wurk today. n thats all the news i kin rite rite now.

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