Wednesday, February 04, 2004

panic of buddy don:
whutever happend to chaptur 104?

this mornin i gut up n wuz about to begin ritin chaptur 105 of the novel life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly but befor i could git goin, i noticed that chaptur 104 eethur/or to anarchy to luv had sumhow disappeard frum the site. twuz a mistry that i still cant solve fer sartin, tho i have my suspishuns bout whut happend. but furst, i had to spend way too long trine to figger out had it really happend? by the time i had dun that, i needed to git on with my day, witch thats why im makin this here short entry.

i reckon the most lackly cause is one we find everwhar in the worl of computer support (n mayhap outside of that area as well). tiz sumtimes called i/o err, witch that means idiot operator err, or pebkac, witch that means problem exists betwixt keybird n chair. in my bizness, we spend a hole lot of our time trine to find sum other reason outside of user err why sumbidy lost thar wurk, but in almos ever instunts, turns out to be the same thang, witch folks makes miss takes n then dont wonta add mitt they dun it. so i druther take the blame than try to stick it on blogspot (tho i lack the move ye made to movebull type, mr. say uncle) or blogweaver (fergive me, deb).

meanwhile, tiz windsdy n time fer me to git. i lack to git to wurk early sos i kin munch on my brakefuss n read the follwin, in this order (i lack to read newspapers n magazines frum back to frunt):

i sumtimes ketch sum of tutherns on the rocky top brigade, but i try my best not to miss inny of the ones listed above. mayhap when i have a lil more time, i should rite up reasons why i lack these bettern sum of them otherns, tho all of ems wurth a read so i try to git round to em now n then.

oh, by the way, twuz a lucky habit i gut into of copyin each chaptur into a wurd document so i could put that chaptur back. corse, i lost all the lanks that wuz in it.

tiz also a lil mistry bout how claims my site wuz updated last nite aroun 2:35 am, witch i wuz defnitly sleepin then.

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