Thursday, February 05, 2004

muffidge of buddy don:
losin a nuther post by bein stupid

i had this post a'goin bout how adam groves has got the latest in the rocky top brigades series of virtchull tailgate parties up n how twuz a reminder bout the musick of boudleaux n felice bryant, witch theys the ones that writ rocky top. but i acksidently hit that lil x in the upper rite hand side of the blogweaver winder n it closed without so much as a 'did ye wonta save yer wurk?'

in sted, twuz clozed, gone, all that effurt wasted.

wurst is i cant say i aint been warned. deb at sugarfused dun splained sum of the problems with dreamweaver blogweaver. my cuzin janet over at the dagley dagley daily claims shes dun quit usin dreamweaver, period, on a counta it never did wurk rite fer her innyway. mine wurked better, but taint even close to purrfeck. sayuncle pointed out how his move to moveabull type has hepped him avoid other kinds of miss takes, lack how yer blog dont wonta wurk rite with innernet eggsplorer, witch eric over at strate white guy tride to hep me git that stratened out, but twuznt a lastin fix.

corse, ifn ye cant fix yer ownself frum makin stupid miss takes, dont matter witch editor or publisher or web host ye use: ye still gonna half to deal with the miss takes ye keep on a makin on a counta wharever ye go, thar ye are.

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