Friday, February 20, 2004

medicull examinayshuns of buddy don:
more on mri of brane stem

magine ye gut sumbidy whos cumplainin of stabbin hedaches, so bad they make it impossibull fer that person to do innythang cept lie in bed n wate em out. whut ye gonna do fer im? well, ye git him to remoov all metal objecks frum his bidy n ye stick his hed in a lil lockin deevice to make shore it dont move n ye scoot the hed into a narrow metal tube. then ye subjeck the hed to verr loud rythmick clangin sounds fer half past ferever, witch the tecknishun lies to ye bout how twuz only half a hour.

whut do ye thank is a'gonna happen? that person is lackly to cum out with his hed rangin, feelin a lil lack a migraine is about to cum back.

shore a nuff, twuz whut happend to me. i ast them mri folk whut wuz nex n they sed i could go. ye kindly speck em to tell ye sumthin bout whut the mri showed, but they wont. n corse they wuz runnin behind, so i wuz back to wurk near 9:45, a lil later than i had hoped. then bit by bit, the stabbin pains gut goin. i had a series of meetins yesterdy at 2, 3, and 4. i wuz hurtin durin the 2 o'clock, but not terrbull. the 3 o'clock meetin wuz mine with my 'direck reports.' we gut goin purty good n then at a sartin point, i real eyesd how i wuznt herin nuthin n sumhow my hed wuz down on the table n it felt lack sumbidy had a ice pick stuck rite in my lef eye. i looked up, n one of my guys sed, 'Boss, even I can see you're changing color, and I'm color blind. Go home!' the res of the crew agreed that they wood do the wurk i wuz collecktin frum em n they sent me home.

i made it by walkin with my eyes near closed betwixt stabs n then jes standin by the sidewalk when i couldnt see nuthin fer the pane till i gut to the bus n then gut home. miz bd tuck my temperchur n blood preshure jes to be sartin. we have a frien who jes attended a funeral of a frien of his who wuz ok on a fridy n ded on a mundy frum meningitis, so miz bd is watchin fer inny sine. the frien of the frien wuz jes 54 year old n im jes 52.

miz bd wuz pleezed with my 'vitals' on a counta the bp wuz 100 over 60 n the temp wuz 97.8. so i tuck this new kinda migraine medicine the docter give me, sum stuff name of zomig, witch twuz a lot bettern tuther medicine name of frova on a counta how it dint seem to make me feel so ded. she waited a lil n tuck the bp agin on a counta one of the side effecks is how it kin raze yer bp. thay wuznt no change.

so i wuz able to git thru the evenin n thonly bad part is how i woke up wide awake roun 2 am n couldnt sleep. red a lil till maybe 3:30 n then went back to bed. dint wake up this mornin till near 6 am, witch tiz my goal to stay in bed till 4 am ever mornin only i almos never make it. jes tuck two migraine strangth excedrin, hopin to skeer off innythang bad that mite wonta cum along.

so my goals is gittin smaller than they wuz. i aint wurried bout whuther i kin rite a chaptur ever mornin. i aint wurried bout whuther i kin impress nobidy at wurk. i aint wurried bout whuther i git my way on how projecks run. im down to a verr simple wurry, witch rite now i jes wonta make it thru the hole day without a nuther hedache.

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